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A New Direction: Ontario’s Immigration Strategy

Ontario’s economy is the largest in Canada and the sixth largest in North America. A strong economy keeps our quality of life high and ensures the services and benefits we enjoy today will be there tomorrow for our children and grandchildren.

A strong plan for immigration is a vital part of that strong economy. Our province is the top destination in Canada for immigrants, but there is increasing global competition for the world’s best and brightest.

In Ontario, our population is getting older, birth rates are low, workers are retiring and forecasts say there will not be enough new workers to meet the demand. In addition, federal government policies have restricted the number of skilled immigrants coming to Ontario.

To ensure our prosperity I am proud to present A New Direction: Ontario’s Immigration Strategy. It’s our plan to make immigration work better for immigrants, their families and our province.

We have a vision of a new direction for immigration – attracting highly skilled workers and their families, supporting diverse communities and growing a globallyconnected economy. Achieving this vision requires a new partnership with the federal government.

Our strategy outlines how to attract and retain more skilled workers and their families and how we can better support and welcome them to our vibrant communities all across Ontario. We will report annually to Ontarians on our progress.

I thank everyone who helped us get to this point, in particular the Expert Roundtable on Immigration and the many Ontarians who shared their perspectives and expertise. This strategy will allow us to take immigration in a new direction. It will strengthen our province economically and socially for years to come. Because when newcomers succeed, we all succeed..

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